I broke my back


I didn’t post a picture yesterday — not because I was avoiding writing “T-69 days” and the obvious 12-year-old-boy-level humor that would ensue — but because I worked so hard and so late yesterday that when I wrapped for the night I was exhausted.

I had a couple of projects at work that were time critical and my involvement was essential. So, even though I could barely sit upright for a couple hours a day, and laying in bed with my arms in the air typing makes my arms scream, I kept pushing through looking forward to today.

Today I rested. After I recovered from a crappy migraine, I got a shower — minus any near collapses this time! — and I spent most of the day in bed not doing anything.

I have my follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon tomorrow, and I knew I would have to rest to be ready for a car trip across town and all the walking I will have to do. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Please pray, send good vibes, do whatever you do to help tomorrow go well.

I’m hoping everything will go as smooth as butter. But, I’m a little nervous that it’s going to be a rough day, and I’m a little worried my prognosis won’t be as good as I had hoped to hear at this point.

I’m probably just being overly worried, but the trauma and the neuro doctors both said they expected I would feel a lot better by 30 days. They said I’d still have to wear the brace for another two months, and I still wouldn’t be able to lift anything while I healed up, but otherwise my life would more or less back to normal. But I’m still in a lot of pain, and I can barely spend more than a couple hours a day sitting up.

Anyway, enough stressing about tomorrow! I’m going back to resting! I still have a few hours of doing nothing to get done before bed.

T-68 days

I continue to be overwhelmed by how so many of you have helped us so much during this. Between the GoFundMe, the MealTrain and all of the other ways that people have contributed, it has made such a big difference. We’re still going to take a hit financially even if we make it all the way to our goal on GoFundMe, but it’s still a huge help, and I am immensely grateful to everyone. Thank you all so much!