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Free Funerals! (*Some Conditions Apply)

Funerals can be expensive! But a South Korean company is giving them away—as long as you’re not dead.

The Hyowon Healing Center is hoping people will live better lives by pretending to die!

The center has performed over 25,000 mass simulated funerals since it started in 2012. 

People of all ages write their last testaments, put on funeral shrouds, and even lay down inside a closed coffin for almost 10 minutes!

On a serious note, the World Health Organization says that South Korea’s suicide rate is almost twice the global average. 

Jeong Yong-mun, the leader of the center, says he was happy when he saw families reconciling at funerals, but he was sad that they waited so long. 

So he created this experience to help people realize the value of their life and reconcile sooner. 

I’m still not gonna get into a casket for ten minutes!

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It's Time For News

The Secret Code Is “Extra Lemons”

It’s time for news!

In South Carolina man says his sweet tea had more than just tea leaves in it, it had marijuana leaves too!

Parrish Brown says he ordered a sweet tea, light ice, and extra lemon from a McDonalds in Hilton Head Island. 

Brown says the cashier double checked and asked him, you want “extra lemon?”

We will come back to that!

Brown said he then headed off to his second job, and he started drinking his beverage. 

He said it “didn’t taste like something he recognized” And he started to feel weird.

He kept drinking it, hoping that he would start feeling better, but he says it only got worse.

He says he then opened the drink to find the three bags of weed inside the cup. 

He believes he tore the bags open with his straw.

Brown then called his father who told him to call the store and the police. 

After a lot of confusion with 911, police showed up and confirmed that it was marijuana.

 Brown said the officer asked him why he drank it, and he said “I was thirsty!”

As crazy as the story sounds, this is not the first time that fast-food workers have been accused of selling pot on the job.

 For more on those stories check out the links in the source below.

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Apps to Help Slow the Summer Slide

The summertime is a great time for your kids to rest their minds, but if they rest too much it makes it harder to get back into the swing of things next school year. Here are four apps your kids will enjoy that will also keep their mind in great shape to slow down the summer slide.

River City Live – Apps to Help Slow the Summer Slide

Help your kids keep their mind (and yours!) active over summer vacation. Here are four apps to help slow down the summer slide and keep them ready for next school year.

Posted by Ray's Review Show on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Khan Academy Kids

If you have little ones, they’re going to love this one. Khan Academy Kids did an amazing job of making a game that’s fun and educational. My boys love this one.

Khan Academy did a fantastic job of incorporating a complete lesson plan full of math, logic, spelling and reading into a narrative game. So instead of just flipping back and forth between lessons, you go from one level of the game to the next. 

The Human Body

Teaches kids biology and anatomy, but instead of being gross and forcing you to dissect a frog or look at nasty pictures of organs, it shows the body in cartoon form. Accurate, but much more gentle.

It’s really interactive too. So you can wave flowers under their nose and you’ll see how the nervous system carries the “smell” message from the nose to the brain. Or you can feed him and watch the food go through the digestive system and see how each organ works.


Sometimes the best way to keep the brain working is by learning something new, like a new language. With DuoLingo you can learn a lot of languages for free. You can even learn Klingon and High Valerian!

It starts pretty easily and gradually gets harder as you progress. So even if your kid has already passed Spanish II or you’re just taking a trip to Paris this summer, this app is super useful and it’s fun. You can compete against each other too.

Math BingoiOS

This one is great, even for adults. Especially if you’re like me and your arithmetic is a little rusty because maybe you pull out your calculator on your cell phone a little too often.

With Math Bingo, it turns math practice into a game. Instead of calling out bingo numbers, the game gives you a quick math problem to solve. The faster you can solve five problems in a row, the faster you get to BINGO!