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Pokemon that only require 12 candy to evolve. Save these up to evolve all at once while you have a Lucky Egg activated and/or during extra XP events to maximize your XP!Pokemon with low IVs that are not valuable for trading, pidgey spam or evolving into meta.
This search query is not definitive and it is not completed yet. Check everything before you transfer them to Professor Willow.
Pokemon that only appear in certain areas around the globe. Some folks love to trade these.Pokemon that are great attackers.Pokemon that are great at defending gyms.Trying to blast through Poke Genie and want to skip those tricky Pokemons that you have to interact with to scan? Use this query. Then you can use the Hard Scans query last.Hang on to these Pokemon to trade with another player or transfer during a special event to get more candy. These will power up your higher evolution attackers. Save these Pokémon to evolve when you have a Lucky Egg going and/or during a special event to get extra XP. This query shows you the Pokémon that you have enough candy to evolve and can evolve into a new Pokémon.All of the Pokemon that Poke Genie has a tricky time scanning in.Purifying Pokemon for research tasks can get expensive. It can cost anywhere from 1 Candy and 1,000 Stardust to 20 Candy and 20,000 Stardust! Here is how to find the cheapest ones in your storage box.