Everytime I start a WordPress installation, I go through the same process of downloading and installing a bunch of plugins that are basically mandatory. If I was smart, I would build an automation that automatically downloaded them and installed them, but alas, I haven’t taken the time to do that.

Until just now, I haven’t even taken the time to write them down. I usually just log into one of my other sites, take note of what I installed on that one, and then start the process all over again. I’m finally writing them down, and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to publish them on the interwebs for the rest of the world to see and criticize.

To be honest, I just needed to write them down for my own future reference. If they are helpful to you or someone else, great. If you hate them or disagree with them, good for you! I couldn’t really care less. 😀

Here’s my list of WordPress plugins that you must install on almost every website:

Mandatory For All Websites

Mandatory For eCommerce Sites

You Don’t Need All The Time, But When You Need Them, YOU REALLY NEED THEM

Optional, But Not Really