If it looks like that laptop is hanging precariously over my face, don’t worry! It is!

I know I’ve talked about it before, but my days are a series of transitions: lying down, sitting up, lying at an incline, sitting up, lying down, lying at an incline, sitting up, lying down, lather, rinse, repeat. Nothing tends to hurt that much at first; everything hurts a lot after a little while.

Before today, when I was lying down flat on my back I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t eat, read or work. I could barely even use my phone for extended periods of time. I was basically useless. 😕

I had hoped I would be able to find a bedside desk that would let me work while I was in bed, but all of them turned out to be too low on the bed, or they couldn’t turn all the way vertically.

The one I found seemed like the best option, but I still could only use it while I was propped up on my wedge pillow. Every time I was so worn out I had to lie down flat, I would just lose productive time. It could turn it almost all the way vertical, but it had no way to keep the laptop from falling off and smacking me in the forehead.

Last night Amber and I had an epiphany: we could attach the laptop to the desk! We tried bungee cords and we even considered c-clamps. Finally, I settled on two-sided VELCRO® brand hook and loop fastener strap. I was going to order a 10’ length when Amber remembered that we had leftover VELCRO® brand hook and loop fastener that we used in the garden to attach our tomato vines to the poles! I cut off a 3’ long stretch of it and wrapped it around the lower part of the laptop around the desk.

Then, I carefully turned the desk around on its pole until it was hanging above me ready for me to work on it. My hands rested exactly on the keyboard and touchpad where they needed to be.

I was able to get several hours of productive time in today while lying completely flat on my back. It was amazing!

T-73 days.

Thanks you to everyone who has helped out by supporting our GoFundMe. My follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon is next Wednesday. At that appointment they’ll likely make the plan for physical therapy going forward. It is immensely reassuring to not have to worry about figuring where the money is coming from to pay for all of that.

Thank you all for helping make this season just a little bit easier.



P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m not just calling it “Velcro” like a normal person, this is why: https://www.velcro.com/dont-say-velcro/ 😂

P.P.S. Yes, I am that much of a nerd.🤓