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In South Carolina man says his sweet tea had more than just tea leaves in it, it had marijuana leaves too!

Parrish Brown says he ordered a sweet tea, light ice, and extra lemon from a McDonalds in Hilton Head Island.

Brown says the cashier double checked and asked him, you want “extra lemon?”

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Brown said he then headed off to his second job, and he started drinking his beverage.

He said it “didn’t taste like something he recognized” And he started to feel weird.

He kept drinking it, hoping that he would start feeling better, but he says it only got worse.

He says he then opened the drink to find the three bags of weed inside the cup.

He believes he tore the bags open with his straw.

Brown then called his father who told him to call the store and the police.

After a lot of confusion with 911, police showed up and confirmed that it was marijuana.

Brown said the officer asked him why he drank it, and he said “I was thirsty!”

As crazy as the story sounds, this is not the first time that fast-food workers have been accused of selling pot on the job.

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