Funerals can be expensive! But a South Korean company is giving them away—as long as you’re not dead.

The Hyowon Healing Center is hoping people will live better lives by pretending to die!

The center has performed over 25,000 mass simulated funerals since it started in 2012.

People of all ages write their last testaments, put on funeral shrouds, and even lay down inside a closed coffin for almost 10 minutes!

On a serious note, the World Health Organization says that South Korea’s suicide rate is almost twice the global average.

Jeong Yong-mun, the leader of the center, says he was happy when he saw families reconciling at funerals, but he was sad that they waited so long.

So he created this experience to help people realize the value of their life and reconcile sooner.

I’m still not gonna get into a casket for ten minutes!

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