Saturday was delightfully restful. We didn’t do much but sit around the house and lay in bed and rest. It was great and I felt pretty great at the end of the day.

Today, however, has been rough.

Apparently, as restful as it felt yesterday, I might have pushed myself a teensy bit too hard. My obliques — you know, those muscles that allegedly live under my love handles — were screaming this morning. The brace works by compressing my core to take the weight of my upper body off of my lower spine and distribute it to the rest of my core. So, a lot of my upper body weight ends up being supported by my obliques and my hips instead. And today, they were not happy about that.

I think it’s a “good” pain though. It’s like how you feel the day after a really intense workout at the gym. You feel like you’re gonna die, but you’re also ready to get back in there and do it again!

Fortunately, I’ve improved my turtle brace application speed. I’ve even put it on by myself TWICE today. I feel like my legs and arms are really starting to strengthen up to make up for the loss of movement of my back. Yay for silver linings!

I really want to go for a walk. That’s the next milestone I am looking forward to. I wanted to go for a walk today, but it looks like that is not going to be an option. I’m not quite ready yet. Maybe tomorrow? We’ll see.

Actually, I really want to go for a walk around the house and survey everything in the yard that needs to be done, but I think my first attempt is going to be a half block down the road and back. The level asphalt will be easier to traverse than the many craters and lumpy hills in my yard.

T-77 days.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared what happened to me, signed up to bring us food on MealTrain and gave to the GoFundMe campaign.

The support has been overwhelming. Again, not to overshare too much, but I’ve been brought to tears several times seeing the support come in. Thank you all so much!

It makes a world of difference to us. This season is incredibly hard, and you’ve made a real impact on making it a bit easier for us. I am immensely, humbly grateful to each of you.