In my best Professor Farnsworth voice…

My doctor appointment went fantastic today. The PA and the neurosurgeon both feel I am doing great. I am right where they expect me to be at this stage of recovery.

They alleviated a lot of my concerns. I’m still a couple months away from normal. I still can’t pick up more than 10 pounds, and I still have to wear the brace when I’m out of bed.

But the increased pain I’ve been experiencing lately is not abnormal. Basically, the reason my spine pain has increased lately is because my muscle pain has finally gone down. Now that that my muscles aren’t screaming, I can finally hear my vertebra being like, “Yeah I’m still broken though!”

However, they said the problem was that my nerve pain medicine prescription should have been refilled by my primary physician. But we weren’t able to get an appointment with my primary until after this appointment! 🤷🏻‍♂️

So, they refilled my prescriptions, and cleared me to walk as far as I am able to. They encouraged me to walk as much as I can each day, and said unless I am having trouble with my balance or with my leg strength (neither of which have been a problem fortunately) I can forgo the walker too!

Other than the nerve pain medicine hiccup, the only other problem was that they were supposed to have me get X-rays done before the appointment. No one told me though!

So now I have to go get X-rays done tomorrow. They‘ll review them, and as long as there’s nothing to be concerned about, they’ll just send me the results electronically. We are living in the future!

Anyway, I can’t imagine today going any better. After the appointment we took a stroll down the Riverwalk to celebrate. It was a long day, and I am exhausted, but it was a good day.

T-67 days.

Thanks y’all.